How JustCombine Works

Providing you with instant quotations of highly competitive rates in logistics through the benefits of bulk buying.

Locate, Book, and Manage Your Freight

Combine your orders with hundreds of other buyers to increase your purchasing power through bulk buying, and get the best price on the market.

Easy payment methods

Track your shipments online

Easy as 1-2-3

Choose Price and Mode

Pick your product details from the manufacturer, the shipment container, delivery costs, freight insurance, and calculate shipping.

Complete Transparency

Have an all-around view
of your shipments, which
includes their departure and
arrival dates.

Online Customer Support

We communicate with the freight forwarder directly and answer any questions you may have about your shipments.

Why choose JustCombine?

  • Small and medium-sized businesses get the most competitive pricing for ocean freight.
  • All communications are streamlined.
  • The distribution process is transparent.
  • Delivery happens on time, with no surprises.
  • Easy payment processing of your order with your bank or credit card.