At JustCombine, We Guarantee All Your Merchandise Transactions, or Your Money Back*!

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Introduction to Our Escrow Platform

A Canadian company situated in North America, providing escrow services for buyers and sellers. There are no fees, but some conditions may apply. All payments in the marketplace with our website and mobile app are protected.

Buyers and Sellers are Protected

With our Escrow at JustCombine, the buyer confirms the delivery and qualities of the goods received, which protects the buyer. Equally, sellers are safeguarded from counterparty risks.

Total Protection for your merchandise transactions
How does it work?

Learn about Escrow

What is ‘Escrow’?

An escrow is a fiscal arrangement whereby a third party holds and regulates the funds on behalf of two parties involved in the process of completing a transaction. Transactions are better protected in an escrow account, since the funds are only released when all the pre-determined contractual obligations are overseen and met by the escrow.

In the case of companies buying and selling goods internationally, there are a number of obligations which need to be fulfilled before payment can be accomplished for each party. For example, buyers want to only pay for goods which have been inspected and arrive in good condition. The buyer places funds in an escrow, and JustCombine instructions are prearranges to pay the seller once the goods arrives. Conversely, a company selling to international markets wants to be assured that they will be paid when their merchandise reaches its destination. Traditional escrow services involving banks and lawyers are difficult and expensive. At JustCombine, our escrow service provided online is affordable, and transactions are safe and transmitted without any due risk of money loss or merchandise fraud. All legal jargon is removed. Buyers and sellers can conduct secure transactions with confidence.

Payment Options

Our payment options for escrow include wire transfers and credit cards. Payment types can have certain restraints. There are fees incurred by the buyer when making payments using credit cards and wire transfers to JustCombine. There are no limitation amounts on bank transfers for payments, unless stipulated by the local bank and the buyers/sellers’ credit card companies’ card limits.

* See Terms and Conditions
** Unless limits are stated by a local branch
*** May be subject to approval by your bank